What would you do if you had to strike a million dollar deal with a potential client only to be held back by a language barrier? You would need an instant interpretation service. However, simply acquiring an interpretation service is not the end of the deal as most of the time a client is available only via a virtual connection and so you need an interpretation service that provides you with not only excellent translation but also under an expedite basis over any platform. Such an interpretation service is offered by UK Translation eXperts. Our company focuses on providing customers with ad hoc, expedite basis, high quality translation services over any platform required. Be it via a conference call, a formal business meeting, a recorded audio or video.

Ad-hoc Interpretation

Do you require urgent translation or interpretation for a meeting? We can provide you with ad-hoc services with a dedicated translator who can help you with the smooth progress of the conversation. Ad-hoc interpretation services are often the most called for services due to the limitation and constraints of time, venue and project demands. Businesses usually need instant solutions over a call, a web conference or a video/audio translation and with our extensive line of experience, we can provide you with cost effective solutions whenever, wherever, however needed.

Simultaneous Interpreting

For formal meetings and large delegates where there is a need of multiple translation solutions we offer you a translation service with headphones and speakers where every person in the meeting can understand the conversation in their preferred language. We provide you with all the equipments, PA system and the needed technical staff to ensure that you and your clients, business partners are comfortable and there is no problem of a language barrier that could potentially affect your work process. With our technical staff and equipments to help you with the process, you don’t have to worry about problems that usually arise with a large number of delegates differing in language. Our simultaneous interpreting services help all your members feel comfortable while also enabling them to make a point.

Consecutive Interpreting

If you want a simple interpreter with no technical devices around, you can opt for the consecutive interpreting service. The speaker will pause every few minutes for the interpreter to make the translation and relay the conversation to the delegate. This can be used for both formal and informal business meetings but is usually effective for informal meetings where there is not a large delegate group or strict time constraints to worry about.

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